Sharpening the Intellect

The intellect is one avenue through which we come to know the world around us and life inside us. It is not the only way, but it is the focal point of general education that is aimed at our ability to acquire knowledge, to think, learn, and reason so that we can function and work in the world.

Students intellectual and reasoning abilities are sharpened through the following activities.

  • Interactive classroom teaching
  • Mastery over languages in Tamil, English, Hindi & Sanskrit
  • Subject wise integrated projects & assignments
  • Field visits
  • Talk with the Personalities
  • Club Activities
  • Inter Amrita Science Seminar, Science exhibition, elocution and essay writing competitions
  • Olympiads ( Science, Mathematics & Languages ) 
  • School Integrated Coaching Programmes  Like NEET, JEE, NTSE
  • Teachers’ Orientation Programmes

It is proved that those who learn an additional language acquire mental advantages over others. Learning another language in childhood improves cognitive abilities, allowing the brain to more easily alternate between activities, focus more clearly in a busy environment, and remember things better.

The main objective to introduce Sanskrit Language as additional language at Amrita vidyalaya from Primary level is;

  • To help them to improve their pronunciation and enhance their memory power.
  • To introduce students to the traditions and culture of our nation, which help them to lead a harmonious life with each and everyone.
  • To help students appreciate and imbibe values and to own positive role models

School Integrated Programme (SIP)

Amrita Vidyalayam School Integrated Programme (AVSIP) which gives you fully customized program that serve the dual object of Excellence in School / Board Exams + Cracking Competitive Exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, NTSE, and many Olympiads without any additional burden on student.

Why at Class VII?

We start it from class VII. It is always appreciable to start the programme from the lower class so as to have the higher-level learning outcomes among students without creating much stress on them all of a sudden.


  • The students who take up this programme will have higher level of comprehension, problem solving skills, critical thinking, and skill in statistical analysis and interpretations.
  • They would be able to appear for any entrance examination with confidence including civil services.
  • Children will be knowledgeable and they have advanced thinking skills.
  • Our schools and its integrated course will have surely the ideal model as we prepare children to become a value based human being.
  • We with all the necessary values and inputs for emotional and spiritual wellbeing would build competencies required at higher level.