Club Activities


In order to encourage students to participate in various programmes and activities and widen their horizon and experience which is more important for their all round development, the school has following clubs

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge

Science involves a pursuit of knowledge causing general truths as the operations of fundamental laws. It aims to inculcate and improve scientific temper amongst our students, promote scientific thinking and new ideas and enhance scientific awareness.

The main objectives of Science Club are:

  • To explore the physical realm of our environment through experiments and establish evidence
  • To develop a scientific attitude and a rational outlook towards life.
  • The goal is to learn Science with fun. Children love Science that allows them to perform hands-on experiments.

Some of the activities of the club are preparing models, charts, visits to the National Science Centre, organizing Science exhibitions and organizing inter-house quiz competitions.


The Maths Club has been introduced with the aim of making Mathematics fun for students. It endeavours to help students grasp mathematical concepts better through activities like puzzles, shortcuts in calculations and games.

Club Activities:

  • Participation in Math Olympiads and other competitions.
  • Conduct Mathematics quiz.
  • Study of various Math based puzzles, software and games.

Developing models and aids to facilitate a better grasp of Mathematical concepts.


Dance club is to boost up the morale of students and to highlight the talent of dance and creativity. It provides opportunities to dance lovers to prove their talent and it is a good platform for them to have their artistic exploration. This club plays an important role in maintaining the positive environment in the School.


Classical dance forms use basically the ‘mudras’ or signs of hand as a common language of expression and were originally performed in the temples to entertain various Gods and Goddesses. They were also effective in carrying forward the various mythological stories from generation to generation while entertaining the audiences. It eventually became a part of ‘NatyaShashtra’, with time, the classical dances evolved to include the expressions and themes from social life and experience.


Folk dances are dances developed by groups of people that reflect the traditional life of the people of a certain country or region. Folk dance forms are practiced in groups in rural areas as an expression of their daily work and rituals. They are performed on religious, seasonal festivals or entertainment.


Dramatization is the best way to express our thoughts and convey social messages’

Theatre Club organizes Debate and Drama sessions for the students to enhance their communicating, speaking and acting skills. The students get guidelines to improve their gestures, creativity, stage-craft and acting skills. The students are divided into groups and asked to prepare dramas on the given themes, topics, text-book lessons and real-life situations.